SSB8 - 8" Black Powder Coated Bird Spike
SSB8 - 8" Black Powder Coated Bird Spike
SSB8 - 8" Black Powder Coated Bird Spike

SSB8 - 8" Black Powder Coated Bird Spike

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SS8B - 8" Stainless 'Black Coated' Steel Bird Spike - 1m strip

SS8B provide extra wide and dense protection from bird excrement.

  • Dimensions: 1 metre X 21cm x 11cm (L X W X H)
  • Durable black powder coating for discrete bird spike installation
  • Protects a wide area with a single row of spikes
  • Made from #304 high grade stainless steel
  • Thin base easily conforms to curved surfaces
  • Blunted tips do not harm but deter birds
  • 15 year warranty

    Product Description:

    Stainless steel spikes are the most effective, durable and maintenance free method to evict birds from an area. Our spikes are constructed from #304 stainless steel, high durability and rust resistance. Stainless steel spikes also resist UV degradation and chemical corrosion.


    Our Bird Spikes are suitable to fix onto various surfaces including roofs, parapets, ledges, cornices, beams, pipes, signs, panels etc. Spikes are a humane method of deterring birds as they avoid the area entirely when they approach and see the spikes.


    Full stainless steel spikes are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for 15 years.

    Technical Specifications:

    SS8 - 8" Bird Spike
    Base: #304 stainless steel; spike: #304 stainless steel.
    Length: 1000mm
    Height: 110mm
    Width: 210mm
    Pitch: 25mm
    Coat: Black

    Surface preparation: Surfaces should be dry and free of peeling paint, rust, excrements and debris. 

    Installation: Spikes should cover the complete ledge ensuring spike tips extend to the edge. It is acceptable to leave a 3cm gap between rows of spikes or from the back wall of the ledge. Apply a row of adhesive along the underside of the spike base, then place the spike onto the surface and apply moderate downward force to ensure maximum contact between spike, adhesive and surface.

    Stainless steel spikes have strong adhesive properties and easily conform to any shape for ease of installation.